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Macrolux Polycarbonate

Macrolux is perfect for applications requiring lightweight, strong material that offers high light transmission, thermal insulation, high shock resistance, flame retardance, great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility.  Macrolux 4-wall is the most energy efficient 8mm polycarbonate panel available  with 20% less heat loss than standard 8mm twin-wall products.  Call us for a sample.

Virtually Unbreakable

Able to stand extreme abuse, its impact strength is 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic.  Macrolux is so strong it withstands the impact of 16 lbs. dropped from 25 feet on an 8mm panel with no breakage.  It will maintain strength over a wide temperature range from -40?F to 250?F.

Condensation Control

A factory applied condensation control is available on 8mm Macrolux panels.  Reducing surface tension, the condensation control allows water to spread into a thin sheet rather than  form into droplets.  It is available for all applications from greenhouses to backyard patio covers.

Easy to Install

Macrolux won't crack or split when cut or drilled.

Extra Wide Panels

Up to 82".  Standard widths of 4 feet to 6 feet are available with lengths up to 39'.

Colors and Transparency

Offering up to 83% light transmission in clear.  Also available in bronze, opal and custom colors by special order.


Weighing just one-eighth the weight of glass, polycarbonate panels are self supporting and do not require the extensive structural support that a heavier glass wall or glazing material needs.

Highly Flexible

Unlike glass and acrylic, Macrolux panels can be readily cold formed to many bending radii and can be fabricated on site to precise dimensions.

Saves Energy

The multi-walled construction of these panels gives excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission.  Macrolux promotes energy savings of up to 60% over traditional glazing.


Macrolux is backed by a 10-year warranty on light transmission and breakage against hail.












Rooflite? Polycarbonate

Rooflite? corrugated polycarbonate sheet provides design professionals, greenhouse growers, and do-it-yourselfers with an easily fabricated and installed building product. Unique physical, mechanical, thermal and optical properties combine to make Rooflite? flexible and strong, yet light in weight.

Extensive Product Range

Greca Profile is appropriate for agricultural, industrial and do-it-yourself applications. Sine Wave Profile is a superior replacement for fiberglass in all applications and for do-it -yourselfers. Greca and Sine Wave are perfect for increased light diffusion and when a stronger, more durable, surface is desirable. Condensation Control is ideal for damp environments like greenhouses or pool enclosures. Available colors include clear, bronze and opal, with custom colors on request.


Rooflite? corrugated polycarbonate sheet is perfect for applications requiring high light transmission in a lightweight yet strong product. The special corrugated profiles (when compared with flat glazing materials), provide greatly improved strength and rigidity while maintaining flexibility. Rooflite? sheet features high impact resistance, is self-extinguishing and is U.V. protected. It is well suited for a wide temperature range and provides great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility not found in other thermoplastic products. Consider using Rooflite? corrugated sheet in your project.


Rooflite? corrugated panels are recommended for greenhouse coverings, end walls and interior partitions where high light transmission, high P.A.R. light, and excellent U.V. protection is required.



Polycarbonate Accessories

Product Description

Product Number Price Unit of Measure

EPDM Drip Spacers

025-3160 $0.75 ea.

(Qty 1- 500)

$0.60 ea.

(Qty 501 - 999)

$0.55 ea.

(Qty 1000+)

Corrugated Drip Spacers

725-5000 $125.00 /

Case of 1000

$0.14 ea.

(Qty 501 - 999)

$0.16 ea.

(Qty 1- 500)

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Aluminum Bulb Rivet with sealer to secure Corrugated Lexan

025-3190 $29.70 /

Qty 100

$0.33 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#10 x 1/2" Self-Tapping Hex-Head Screw

025-3040 $4.00 /

Qty 100

$0.05 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#12 x 1" Slotted Hex-Head Wood Screw

025-3050 $5.40 /

Qty 100

$0.06 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#12 x 3/4" Self-Drilling Hex-Head Screw

025-3115 $9.00 /

Qty 100

$0.10 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#9 x 1 1/2" Hex-Head Wood Screw with 1/2" Sealing Washer

025-3010 $8.10 /

Qty 100

$0.09 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#9 x 2" Hex-Head Wood Screw with 1 1/8" Sealing Washer

025-0025 $22.50 /

Qty 100

$0.25 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

#12 x 1" Self-Drilling Hex-Head Screw with 1 1/8" Sealing Washer

025-3130 $21.60 /

Qty 100

$0.24 ea.

(Qty 1-99)

Agra Tech, Inc. Glazing Bar and Cap (Standard lengths 8', 10', 12', 20' 24')

025-0019 $1.50 /


Agra Tech, Inc. Terminal Strip (6' and 12') 

025-0014 $1.06 /


GE SilPruf Silicone Sealant (Polycarbonate Compatible)

815-0020 $8.85 /


9/16" x 1" x 3' Closure Strip

025-1075 $1.50 ea.

3' Corrugated Closure Strip

025-1080 $1.70 ea.  

Arrow Professional Bulb Rivet Tool

075-1000 $26.00 ea.  

#4 Drill Bit

295-2000 $3.00 ea.  

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Electric Screw Shooter with 3 Sockets

350-0100 $195.00 ea.  

Aluminum Sealing Tape 1?" x 150'

165-0050 $13.00 /


Porous Tape 1" x 108'

712-0030 $15.50 /



Contact All-American Associates, Inc. for a quotation including QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and freight charges.

Many times it is helpful for you to provide a drawing or sketch of your project so we may include all appropriate aluminum glazing bar bases and tops, terminal strips, attaching hardware, sealing tape, porous tape, polycarbonate compatible caulk and any other accessories that your project may require.


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